Why Do We Try & Use God?

I came across this quote today, words that I quoted almost 5 years ago. Unfortunately, I did not record who penned or said them.

Still, the words rocked me to the core.


Why do we try to use God to arrange for what we think will satisfy our soul, call our effort prayer and obedience, and then expect, with a spirit of entitlement, that good things should follow?

6 thoughts on “Why Do We Try & Use God?

  1. I think this is from
    Soul Talk: The Language God Longs for Us to Speak
    By Dr Larry Crabb, 2005: Thomas Nelson
    I like it when he goes on to say
    ‘We want to experience Him more than we want to be right, to be in control, or to enjoy the good life.’
    Hmmm not sure I am quite there yet!

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