Books of the Bible…Without All the Other Stuff

I came across an interesting video today, one about a newly published Bible (yes, another one!).

In the recent past, I’ve posted another video (actually twice now) about the importance of understanding the whole sweep of Scripture, one in which NT Wright shares about the valuable approach of reading large chunks of Scripture at a time, i.e. whole books rather than little snippets here or there.

Here is a Bible that could help with that.

Back last October, Zondervan released a New Testament in which all the chapter numbers, verse numbers, chapter headings and cross references have been taken out. And the order of the books are even a little different as well, more in historical-chronological order. It was published with the NIV2011 version of Scripture.

From what I can tell, only the New Testament has been released thus far. But, whether or not you purchase this Bible, it might be interesting to consider this Bible reading approach, in line with NT Wright’s exhortation.

To see a little more, watch the short video below.

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