Man of Steel – Trailer

I’ve always been deeply captivated by the Superman story. Something of it speaks deep to the heart, of both young boys and grown men.

And, thus, I am happy to catch a brief glimpse of the new movie that comes out next summer. Check out the trailer below. The story still calls to me……

One thought on “Man of Steel – Trailer

  1. I just hope they don’t turn Superman into a flawed, pathetic human. The point that he RARELY has a moral dilemma and ALWAYS does the right thing is what makes him appeal to me. Spiderman and Batman are just too “human”. I like to aspire to my superheroes, not wonder why they can’t figure out what the right thing to do is.

    That’s why I loved the first original Superman movie. He knew what was right and did it. He was very much an archetype for Christ, especially obvious in the dialog between him and his father. He came to save the world, even though the world didn’t know they needed saving. He was also willing to sacrifice himself for us. Good stuff.

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