The Messianic Age Is Here!

We are currently working our way through a short summer series at Cornerstone called, ’55 for 5′. We are looking at Isaiah 55 over 5 Sundays. I have been pretty stirred about the series, as I love Isaiah and this particular chapter follows some direction of the Lord given to us a year ago from Isaiah 54:1-3.

Last week, I looked at vs1-3a. From it, I highlighted 3 points:

  • Vs1 – the invitation – Come
  • Vs2 – the question – Why?
  • Vs3a – the call – Listen

I also spent quite some time considering the imagery of water, wine, milk and bread (also giving out each of the items to 4 celebrated winners in our church!).

On Sunday, I’m moving on to look at vs3b-5.

In all, in my preparation, I got a fresh rejuvenation of what it really means for the Messianic age to be upon us. God has been faithful to his covenant! God has been faithful to his love promised to David! And to try and explain what this all means, rather than writing an article, I simply want to list the summary bullet points from my message.

  • The story of a particular people had been told >> A drama of the grandest scale had been unfolding >> Promises had been spoken >> Signposts had pointed the way towards something special.
  • Unfolding for centuries >> The anticipation >> The expectation
  • A son of Adam was to come, a son of Abraham, a son of David
  • It was just the right time when Jesus entered on the scene – The time is fulfilled. Repent and believe the good news that God’s kingdom has come.
  • He would usher in a special age; the age of the Messiah; the age of renewal; the age of the outpoured Holy Spirit; the age of flowing streams of forgiveness; the age of dealing with wickedness and unrighteousness; the age of deep springs of mercy and never-ending measures of grace; an age when God would call Jews & Gentile, male & female, slave & free.
  • Question: How would we know it was time?
  • David’s son would sit on David’s throne!
  • For Peter (in Acts 2) and Paul (in Acts 13), it was important to communicate that, in Jesus, the promises of Israel have been fulfilled, even the promises to David.
  • It meant that it was time for that special age.
  • The future had now come into the present!
  • Question: But how do we know he’s on David’s throne?
  • He has poured out the promised Holy Spirit (check out Acts 2:33)
  • This is the day! This is the time!
  • And all the blessings that began at the initiation of the Messianic age will be fully realised one very soon day.
  • Now it’s time to see the peoples, the nations come running to this good news (as in Isaiah 55:4-5)!

What else can one say?!

The story channeled down into Jesus, and now from Jesus, the story moves out to call the nations.

I love it when my own message preparation stirs me this deeply!

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