The Current Tweet-Blog War

Rob Bell releases a video. One group responds and a tweeting-blogging war begins amongst Christians. The world shakes their heads, baffled.

Jared Wilson posts an article. A few major bloggers respond and a tweeting-blogging war begins amongst Christians. The world once again shakes their heads, baffled.

Doctrine matters. How we treat each other matters more.

Somehow I think the next step might be some apologies. But I’m sensing it won’t happen. It doesn’t make for good tweeting and blogging in a soap-opera world.

Do we really have to be the first one’s to post something about someone else?

Do we really have to always point out how bad the others and their views are?

Do we really have to act like little children?

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. (1 Cor 13:11)

For the sake of our testimony, let us end the childish banter.

9 thoughts on “The Current Tweet-Blog War

  1. I couldn’t agree more. We spend more time “correcting” other than taking care of the things that we KNOW we should be taking care of in our own households and neighborhoods. If people feel they have arrived at the truth, can’t that be good enough for them? Who cares if someone else doesn’t agree? They should just do what God tells THEM to do (and that for sure isn’t correcting others).

    • Mark –

      I know I also commented on your thread on Facebook.

      Though I think the choice to post such a quote was bad taste, I don’t believe Jared Wilson was being a bully or actually trying to be nasty. I think all the banter following Wilson’s post has been worse. Absolutely childish!

      • I think I found his response the worst bit.n I understand people’s choice to be complementarian but to infer that we are almost heretics if we are egalitarian is, in my opinion, bullying. Having said that, RHE probably needed to have a more measured response.

      • I like much of the points RHE has to make, but I am becoming less and less a fan due to the way it is communicated. Too much whining, bickering and complaining. No one wins anyone with martyr approaches.

      • I would agree. I guess I responded but more in a manner that shared my feelings about the situation. Look, I want to like these guys at the GC but they can be awful and nasty and downright rude to people who disagree with them.

      • I understand, Mark. But it is only a few, thankfully. I’m not so sure “rude” is the best descriptor. But they can make someone fell an outsider, less than Christian, etc. They can get a whole host of people declaring you wrong or worse.

      • Unfortunately the only one for whom I have any respct is Tim Keller. The rest lost me months ago with the way Bell was treated and their general stand. But hey, I’m not reformed so it isn’t my story.

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