Raised from the Dead

Craig Keener continues his discussion around the reality of the miraculous today, this being connected to his newest released work, Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts. Here, he particularly recounts the story of his own sister-in-law who was raised back to life after being dead for 3 hours. He also discusses other accounts of raisings of the dead.

What’s interesting is the way in which Keener discusses these. Remember, he has had his theological perspective changed because of his own studies and because of God’s work of miracles in his own family, being married to a Congolese-African woman. But Keener does not approach this like a typical ‘super-charismatic’. He is very calm and collective as he recounts what took place and he maintains a strong theological anchor.

[I might add as a side note that I have no problem with a) someone being super-excited about God’s miraculous activity or b) someone not necessarily having all their theological i’s dotted and t’s crossed. I’m pretty certain the Spirit’s gifts and supernatural activity have remained real in my life, despite all of my theological and life-misgivings.]

See the short video below.

3 thoughts on “Raised from the Dead

  1. Last year in London, two Christians from Africa killed a young boy after he had confessed to being a witch.

    Should we take seriously African Christian testimony about the existence of child witchcraft?

    Or should we ‘enlightened’ Westerners dismiss it as superstitious Christian nonsense?

    • mathstutorwiral –

      If you what you describe took place, then it is a tragedy. Having noted that, I do have quite a lot of wonderful and beautiful African Christian friends, leaders of churches and Christians who are looking to live like Christ. Not to mention that us westerners sometimes do ungracious, harmful things. I can’t always understand and make clear judgments about all I hear and read of various people and their actions. But I can better know the intent of those African Christians I have a relationship with.

      • It did take place.

        The boy had confessed to being a witch,

        After you have read Keener’s book about the extent of African Christian testimony to the existence of the supernatural, can you doubt it when Christians from the Congo claim there are child witches?

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