Four Views on the Apostle Paul

Coming this July, a new book will be released called, Four Views on the Apostle Paul, published by Zondervan and edited by Michael Bird.

This is a popular way to discuss theology in book-format today. You’ve got this kind of 3 views or 4 views approach to almost every theological topic out there. Well, almost all. Hey, maybe I could propose to Zondervan that we do a book like this around the topic of apostles today.

The 4 debaters in the book are Luke Timothy Johnson (Catholic View), Thomas Schreiner (Reformed View), Mark Nanos (Jewish View), and Douglas Campbell (Post-New Perspective View).

Below is a 13-minute promo video for the book. It’s probably a bit too long, but if you view the first 3:05, that should be sufficient to get a feel for the book.

3 thoughts on “Four Views on the Apostle Paul

  1. This dialogue looks good, but in the end we are back closer to Tom Schreiner’s view, which is Reformed! How did a Sovereign God allow 6 million Jews to be butchered? Not to mention the millons of men killed in WW I and 2 in combat. (Always questions for me, since I am a combat vet myself). And since, Po Pot, Bosnia etc.

    I would buy this book, certainly just because of Schreiner! Though I would read the whole too. Luke Timothy Johnson is also always worth the read!

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