Toad Crossing Sign

How’s this for ‘sign of the week’?

Yes, you have seen correct. It is a sign not just for bike crossing, but also toad crossing. In Dutch, the word for toads is padden and the word for path can be trek. Hence, Paddentrek, toad crossing.

This has cracked me up for the almost 4 years I have been in Belgium. And these toads supposedly cross the road from 7pm to 7am. I’ve not yet personally seen any flock or herd or school or whatever of toads crossing the street yet. I do hope so one day. If I have my camera with me, I’ll take a pick and post it up here.

This has to win some kind of sign-of-the-year award.

3 thoughts on “Toad Crossing Sign

  1. Scott, I think they call a group of toads a “knot”, at least in English. Now, I’ve “knot” seen any such groups myself, either…

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