Lending Kindle Books

You might already know this, but I just found out a nice piece of information. Some great news about e-book sharing.

Just this past week, I was in a discussion with friends about the ability to share e-books. With e-books, it seemed difficult to consider how one might share a book across a Kindle device or Kindle app. It made me miss the days of where I mainly read paper books because one great thing was that, if you liked a particular work and wanted to pass it on to a friend or family member, you could just hand over the physical copy right then and there. Such was not so possible with an e-book. It’s difficult to just hand over your iPad or Kindle device to someone.

Thus, I did a Google search about this issue and found some amazing news!

It is possible to lend books via your Kindle device or app! And you can do so for a period of 14 days. Of course, there is a catch – the book must be marked as lending available, as the pic below shows. And this is up to the publisher.

When you search to see if a book is lendable, make sure you are looking at the Amazon page for the Kindle version of that particular book, not the paper version. You won’t see anything like this with the paper version.

For more detailed instructions, visit here.

Of course, now to find out more info of trading in paper books for credit towards e-books……

3 thoughts on “Lending Kindle Books

  1. An author/publisher that isn’t concerned about lending may not be as concerned about DRM either. I have converted a large number of Kindle books that are DRM free to EPUB format with the free Calibre program and could “lend” that as many times as I want to as many people as I want. Just another option…

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