Tensions of Rethinking

Some hear talk of rethinking theology or church and they despise it greatly. Some hear talk of it and run to it with all their might. #balance

2 thoughts on “Tensions of Rethinking

  1. Balance, exactly. One should never feel they have “arrived” theologically. God is infinite, and His ways are will never be fully understood in this life. As theology is the study of God and His relationship with man, it will also never be finished. At the same time, running after and grabbing onto every new idea that comes along makes us like those on Mars Hill — just looking for something new to talk about, but not really serious about how those ideas could affect your life and your actions. So be open-minded to new interpretations but respect the wisdom of those that have gone before us.

  2. As I have written in other places, one theologian we so-called “theolog’s” should know and read, at least somewhat is the great German Rudolf Bultmann, and though his “Demythologzing” is no doubt pressed too much from ‘form criticism’, his emphasize on the “existential” and mystery of faith, from what I believe to be from the will and intellect, is indeed very profound! And for Bultmann the Death of Christ was the most real and profound reality in Humanity!

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