Five Years Ago…

Five years ago today, my wife and I joined together in our covenant commitment of marriage. To my beautiful bride – I love you. Thank you for walking with me, standing with me, covering me, being both an amazing wife to me and compassionate mother to our two boys.

To many more years together!

5 thoughts on “Five Years Ago…

  1. Happy Birthday to you!
    Happy Birthday to….

    What’s that?
    Yeah, I saw that.
    Look, “birthday” = two syllables, “anniversary” = four. That would throw off the entire song structure. It just wouldn’t “flow” as nicely.
    Yeah, maybe, but I’m an artiste. That’s why they came up with the phrase “artistic license”.
    Fine, fine, we’ll do it YOUR way..
    What’s that? Oh, nothing. I just must have something caught in my throat.

    Happy ANNIVERSARY to you!
    Happy ANNIVERSARY to you!
    Happy ANNIVERSARY to you both!
    Happy ANNIVERSARY to you!
    (And many more…………………)

    (Next thing you know, he’s going to be complaining that I’m a day late. Did I ask for any gratitude? No. But oy vey! All this criticism. Bad for the digestion and all that).

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