The Christmas Story Retold

Usually these kinds of things are quite cheesy. But I thought this re-telling of the Christmas story, via Facebook, was quite well done.

One thought on “The Christmas Story Retold

  1. While I would admit that something like “The Digital Story of the Nativity” is a little cheesy (e.g., the three wise men discussing what gifts to bring), I don’t think it’s entirely bad, either (then again, I also happen to like “Bethlehemian Rhapsody” and “Hotel Can’t Afford Ya, so some might find my tastes a bit skewed). However, I clearly prefer “A Social Network Christmas”, as it seems a bit more reverent and somber both in music and tone, thereby probably capturing the emotions of those who were involved better. Also, there seems to be a better synchronization between the music and what’s being typed.
    Um, did I just review a couple of youtube videos? (Which might help explain why I prefer to write under an pseudonym).

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