Inheritance Purchased

For those who know me, one would note that I love books in the fantasy fiction genre. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are my cup of tea! And I hope to one day try my pen, or laptop, at crafting such a book.

Thus, I finally have purchased my copy of the fourth and final book of the Inheritance Cycle. Oddly enough, Book 4 is entitled Inheritance. It’s been what has seemed a long while, but the book was finally released about 2 weeks ago, after just a tad over 3 years of waiting.

Normally, I’d purchase books on the Kindle app of my iPad these days. But I have the other 3 books in paper, plus my wife has followed this series and she doesn’t want to read from an e-reader. So I went ‘old-school’ with this one and purchased a paper copy. Hey, I like paper too. I only switched over once I realised where we were headed in the coming years.

Can’t wait to receive the book this weekend and start diving in!

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