The Gospel of the Kingdom

If you follow my blog, you will note that I recently began a series on evangelism and the gospel. This past Sunday, I also began a series at Cornerstone on the kingdom of God, or the gospel of the kingdom.

If you would like, you can listen to my message on the gospel of the kingdom, as well as see my notes, as I have embedded both here in this post. This is not too unlike my second post in my series on evangelism. You can also download the message from iTunes.

One thought on “The Gospel of the Kingdom

  1. Kingdom of God has taken from the Jews and given to another nation. This has been prophesied by Jesus that is written in Matthew 21:(43) Therefore, I say unto you, that the kingdom of God will be taken from you and will be given to a nation that will produce the fruit kingdom.
    Kingdom of God has given to all the people in the outside world (according to the prophecy of Jesus, above) by the Arabs in the form of Islam.
    More can be seen on blog:

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