Amazon to Release New Kindles

This week, Amazon announced the release of their new Kindles, with the company moving mainly to touch screen (though non-touch screen will still be available) and even announcing the release of their high-octane Kindle Fire.

As you can see in the picture above (click on the pic to enlarge), the prices range from $79 for the most basic Kindle and $199 for the most advanced product, the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire might become the greatest competitor to the iPad to date. I am aware of the Samsung Galaxy, Viewsonic G-Tablet, and other such available internet tablets. But, at least from what you can tell by watching the videos and reading bits here and there, the Kindle Fire might be better than all other iPad competitors. The question is whether it will fully compete against the iPad.

It has its pluses – colour screen, touch screen, videos, mp3’s, web browsing, great pixelation on the screen, 7″-inch screen, very light, and the cost is about 2/5 of the iPad. These are great options. Still, I don’t think the iPad will be taken over. But I do think Amazon might be releasing the best competitor to date.

For me, I will stick with my iPad2, as there would seem to be aspects over and above the Kindle Fire – the FaceTime dual camera, Skype video, making documents via the Pages app, and watching my parent’s television in America via the Dish Network app (without disturbing what show they are watching). But maybe I can test one out one day.

In the end, the iPad will probably remain top of the line. But with a $199 price tag on the Kindle Fire, I think Apple needs to rethink their pricing schemes. Though you always know you will get top products with Apple, they are a bit snobbish with their prices.

Check out a 30-second advert/commercial below. The release date for the Kindle Fire is 15 November of this year. The black & white, touch-screen Kindles are available from 21 November.

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