Internet Bullying

In 3 years and 3 months of blogging, here is one tidbit of advice that I hope people will consider taking to heart:

Bullying people through blogging and online forums is about as fruitful as eating nails and screws.

You might find a few people who are afraid of you, like many of the 13-year olds might be afraid of the school bully. And some of those people might brown-nose and kiss up to you. But there is nothing quite as childish and ridiculous as internet bullying. Such accomplishes nothing much.

You would hope that it is simply that they find it easier to hide behind the anonymity of the internet and avatars. But I think some of these people would still act just as foolish in real life.

People will continue to bully via our worldwide web. It’s easier than real life. But it’s about as sensible as drinking a litre of Penzoil.

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