Forgiving God

Here is a nugget of wisdom I have realised today: Sometimes you just need to forgive God.

While every evangelical-theological bone in me says, ‘That statement needs to be explained,’ I will leave it be and let it speak itself.

3 thoughts on “Forgiving God

    • That is a good post Lisa. I have had to counsel many people through anger and unforgiveness towards God. I really hate how some will say its sinful to be angry towards our heavenly father and in doing so shut down the emotions of those who are.

      It may well be…but we have a father who knows all about us any ways and its best to admit it to him….I’m surprised you didn’t get more flack for your post. Well said.

  1. For me, “forgiving God” means that, no matter how I feel God has wounded or abandoned me, and even though I may not understand why, I am not willing to let that come between us.

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