New Translation of the New Testament by N.T. Wright

Well, if this article title didn’t have enough capital N’s and T’s. Anyways…

I just read on that N.T. Wright is coming out with his own translation of the New Testament entitled, The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation.

The product description states:

From the man Newsweek called “the world’s leading New Testament Scholar,” N. T. Wright, comes a fresh, vivid translation of the New Testament.  This is The Message for a new generation. Not in centuries has such a powerful new translation of the Scriptures arisen for Christians everywhere, changing the way the entire English-speaking world can access the books of the New Testament. Wright seems to do the impossible, at once achieving a closer match to the Scripture’s original Greek, invoking more appropriately gender-neutral terminology, and providing a more natural, readable tone to the readings—even while magnifying the vibrancy and urgency of the original works. For Christians worldwide, this stunning new translation of the New Testament from the author of Simply Christian and Scripture and the Authority of God is a crucial way to re-claim the message of the Bible.

The publisher is HarperOne and the text is a whopping 544 pages (so there must be some study materials in it as well). It is available from 25th October 2011, which oddly enough, his more popular new release, Simply Jesus, will also be released that same day.

Goodness, where does this man get the time to write so much. He must have 5 scribes and he must be drawing upon lectures, teachings, papers and other materials he has written for the past 3+ decades.

Once I can look a little more into the details of the book, I will decide if I will purchase it. But, at $16.49 on, that is not a bad deal for a 544-page hardback book by one of the greater New Testament historian-theologians of today.

4 thoughts on “New Translation of the New Testament by N.T. Wright

  1. Some writers look to provide their own translations in scholarly works. I suppose Wright has done this, I just can’t remember. I know Andrew Perriman does. I’ve seen it in other works. I understand it can prove to be even more biased. But I am interested to engage with it.

  2. One of my favorites in this so-called translation type, is William Barclay’s: The New Testament, A New Translation (Collins, London–New York, 1968). I have the two volume hardbacks. And btw, Barclay’s rendering of the Beatitudes is still simply one of the very best in English…
    “O the bliss of those who realize the destitution of their own lives, for the blessings of the Kingdom of Heaven are theirs hear and now.” (Matt. 5: 3)

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