Visible Music College

Here at The Prodigal Thought, I’ve shared before about Visible Music College (formerly known as Visible School – Music and Worship Arts College). As an alum and former staff member, I am excited and grateful for the college continuing to pursue the purposes of God, based in Memphis, but stretching out into all corners of the US and now the world.

Just recently, VMC moved into their new building, the historic and award-winning designed former C&I Bank Building at 200 Madison. This has been a great testimony to the greatness and faithfulness of God, as the college has moved from 9 years in an old catfish restaurant/warehouse building, to 2 years in midtown Memphis, now to this magnificent edifice in downtown Memphis.

The college was begun by former founding guitarist of Skillet, Ken Steorts. What started as a vision on the road, and then being initially worked out in the basement of his Memphis home, Visible Music College has now grown  in its 11 years of existence to house 128 students for the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year. It offers bonafide bachelor degrees in 3 different areas – modern music ministry, audio production ministry and music business ministry. Ultimately, the college exists to prepare artists, technicians and business professionals for skilled, relational service in the arts industries and the church.

It’s great to see the visibility of Visible Music College. For more recent news, see these two Memphis based articles – here and here. Check out more at Visible Music College’s website (


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