Brief Thought on the Positive of Academia

For some, they feel the deep call into the world of academia. For others, not so much. And there is everything else in between.

Of course, there is also the extreme of seeing the world of academia non-important, especially when it comes to dealing with biblical studies and theology.

And then one can swing the pendulum to far to the other side top where study never leads to the life of Christ, but to being puffed up in knowledge (1 Cor 8:1), even pushing one away from Christ (i.e. John 5:39-40).

But I read something interesting last night. For those who might despise detailed academic study of the Bible, and everything else with it (theology, history, philosophy, archaeology, etc), saying we should simply stick to the Word and let God speak to us through it, such people could easily fail to recognise that the only reason they have their own personal copy of an English translation of the Bible (or other language) is because committed people took the time to learn the Hebrew and Greek, study and examine it in detail, and make these ancient languages available to the majority.

No doubt a very interesting and helpful perspective.

So, while at this point I don’t sense the need to delve deeply into the Hebrew or Greek (though maybe one day), nor go over the top into the scholarly world of deep academia (as I only brush up against it a little bit), we must respect and appreciate such fields. I have a new-found respect and appreciation for such after reading such a thought last night.

Thank you scholars. Thank you, Lord, for raising up such devoted people.

One thought on “Brief Thought on the Positive of Academia

  1. Thanks for this post, job well done!! I concur wholeheartedly I too have a great respect for these scholarly academia folks, Father God raise up more of their tribe. Godspeed My Friend!!

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