Healthy View of Scripture

Over at Internet Monk, Chaplain Mike gives his specific view of Scripture. I believe it is a very healthy, but not too stringent, view of Scripture. He lists 10 specific points:

  1. The Bible is from God.
  2. The Bible is incarnational.
  3. The Bible involves a complex conversation of faith over time.
  4. The Bible came to us through the community of faith.
  5. The Bible is the church’s primary authority (prima scriptura).
  6. The Bible is true.
  7. The Bible is God’s story.
  8. The Bible’s central focus is Jesus.
  9. The Bible does not contain every detail of God’s will for his people’s lives.
  10. The Bible doesn’t need me or anyone else to defend it.

He elaborates more in his article as to what he means with each particular point. So check out the article here.

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