Review of NIV2011

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace, professor of New Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary, provides a good introductory review for the new NIV2011. It comes in 4 parts:

  • Part 1 – brief overview of English translations of the Bible
  • Part 2 – the strengths of the NIV2011
  • Part 3 – the weaknesses of the NIV2011
  • Part 4 – a concluding post

I was pleasantly surprised at Wallace’s overall recommendation of the NIV2011. As I have shared in 2 posts on my own blog (here and here), many have had a hard time accepting this newer NIV translation (similar to a struggle with the TNIV from 2005), with even one major American denomination asking their pastors not to preach from or recommend this new 2011 translation. Much of it is wrapped up in the discussion surrounding gender exclusive/gender inclusive language, meaning should certain words in the Hebrew and Greek be translated as a) exclusively male or b) inclusively for general humanity, which encompasses the female.

Much ink, or blogging, has been published on this current big issue.

Knowing Dr. Wallace is somewhat of a conservative scholar, being complementarian and teaching at a fairly conservative seminary, I would not have expected such a positive review. So I was blessed to read his review.

Of course, I know I, myself, am biased on what translations, English Bibles, and study Bibles are the best. We all view these things through our particular lens, our particular formulate theological perspective. But it is refreshing to know that the NIV2011 was not simply an egalitarian agenda. The translation team was made up of both solid complementarians and egalitarians.

So check out Dr. Wallace’s 4-part review. If anything, it will give you an introduction to this newest English translation, some probable strengths and weaknesses, and expose you to some of the debate going around.

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