What Google & Facebook Are Hiding

So everyone is becoming more and more aware of Google’s challenge to Facebook, known as Google+ (which I posted about last week).

But check out this recent video (posted 15 July 2011) from Ted Talks. The premise is that Facebook and Google are beginning to tailor searches in a way that they think would be best for you. Internet information, searches and social networking are not so general these days, but very suited to, again, what they believe you want to read about and hear.

This can create challenges to internet searches, really creating challenges to the reason the internet was created in the first place.

See this video below for more info, and share some thoughts if you would like.

4 thoughts on “What Google & Facebook Are Hiding

  1. We did some test searches on this on Theologica. Seems that the “filters” that this guy is referring to are more location driven or time driven than they are person driven. For example, if one of those guys was already in Egypt and the other in some other country, it would make sense that one might get travel links to Egypt, especially if they had been recently searching for travel related stuff, and the other get something with more of a political spin.

  2. Good talk! This is a good question to consider about the trends in the internet services: Is relevance relevant? May be, if all we are looking for is “more like this”, but I doubt this the greatest value of internet and the social networks.

  3. Praise the Lord. The problem with a move towards too much connection is that it feeds into that One World thing that is spoken about in Revelation, which is actually not a good thing at all. Just too much potential for it to be abused. Of course. The Big Brother thing is also sinister. We must be innocent as doves – and as wise as serpents – in order to make wise use of the Internet.

  4. Caraboska –

    Well, I don’t really take up any belief in some ‘One World’ evil thing. It seems more in line with current popular dispensational theology (i.e. Left Behind books) than fully-centred biblical theology.

    Of course, the internet, as anything, can be used for bad. But we shall appropriate it for honouring Christ.

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