A Leap of Truth – Film Trailer

Below is a short trailer about a new documentary film entitled A Leap of Faith.

This film is particularly the work of Ryan Pettey of Satellite Pictures and was produced in cooperation with the BioLogos group. In a recent article at BioLogos, Pettey stated:

With A Leap of Truth, we wanted to put something proactive on the table that could help motivate an elevated conversation about the “war” between science and faith. It was our goal to help Christians see (and accept) the complexity of the issues raised by modern science, as well as help them to courageously engage with the theological conversations happening within the sphere of Christian culture today. We wanted the film to address the topic hermeneutically, historically, and socially in order to gain a better perspective on the issues, and, hopefully, address some of the fears (justified or otherwise) concerning what science is telling us about our physical origins.

You might know that the whole discussion surrounding faith and science, particularly whether evolution can find a place in historic Christianity, has been of some interest to me. So check out the trailer below. For me, it was quite stirring.

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