Changes in Writing

I’m sure many see blogging as a waste of time. It can be, no doubt. It’s easy to get drawn into the world of writing and reading blogs as a 21st century phenomena.

If I wanted to, I could write multiple articles each day and comment on other blogs multiple times a day. And then there is the possibility of being drawn in to follow new links to comment on new blogs. So one must guard against such an overwhelming pull. I am still convinced the call, at least for me, is to be out there amongst the people – the people of the church and the people of the world, maybe even both at the same time.

But I cannot deny I enjoy writing. By no means am I the greatest writer, nor in company with great writers. Some might question any identification of me with mediocre writers. This week it was communicated that one of my recent posts was very unclear. So I am learning to communicate through the medium of writing (and speaking).

But, as I’ve said, I do enjoy blogging. And what I appreciate about blogging is the opportunity to hone my writing skills. When I go back and read my first posts from 3 years ago, or even some from a year ago, I cringe. Yikes! Poorly worded, pretentious, repetitive, incomprehensible, and much more. The only reason I don’t delete them is that I am too prideful to make it look like I haven’t posted much on my blog in 3 years.

Yet, here on my little blog tucked away in my little corner of the world, I get to practise, practise what I love.

Maybe one day some of this stuff can be collected into a larger tome that becomes some kind of book. But I believe I have yet to write much along the lines of the idea that has come to me for a first book. So maybe I would start afresh with that project.

Still, noting the nature of some books today in the 21st century, you could simply pin together 100 articles or so and publish it. Some books are more like a journal with thoughts here and there on varying topics.

So, after almost 3 years, I say thanks to my friend, The Prodigal Thought. I look forward to more years ahead together, even if I do have a book published.

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