Perfect Love

On Saturday, I posted up an article with regards to what God has been stirring in me from 1 John 4:14-18. My heart has been gripped with the reality of John’s words – We have come to know and believe the love God has for us.

These are experiential words coming from the pen of John. He is one so captured by the love of the Father seen in the Son, Jesus, that he identifies this love as perfect love. And we all know what perfect love does – casts out fear (and I suspect it deals with a few more things, though I shared how I believe fear is connected to much of our deep wounds and inner-sin).

But I suppose many of us only know this from a theological perspective, meaning the practical reality has not radically transformed and gripped our hearts. That’s what it did for John. Remember, he could say that he knew and believed the love God has for us.

But this is where I am at – I am now convinced that our Father does not want us doubting his love. It’s quite like the reality of my son, Caleb, constantly doubting my love for him. I don’t even want to ponder what it would be like for him to question my love on a continual basis. Nothing could be further from what I desire. Nothing!

Can you imagine your own child(ren) questioning your love day in and day out? No loving parent could ever want such.

And I believe the same is exactly true of our Father. John had seen, listened to and touched love in the flesh (see 1 John 1:1). So John has a pretty good take on this whole thing.

In his Gospel, John records an exchange between Philip and Jesus. Philip asks of Jesus – Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us (14:8). Jesus basically answers and says – But I’ve been here with you the whole time. Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father (14:9).

So John knows this love, believes this love, and is proclaiming this love to his children, spiritual children. He wants them to know and believe it because he, too, is convinced the Father wants His sons and daughters to know this love, this perfect love, this love that demolishes fear.

Let me try and say it, write it, one more time – I am convinced our Father does not want us constantly doubting His love for us. Never doubting His love. Love in the flesh, Jesus, depicts this perfect love of our Papa, our Daddy.

If you would like, you can listen to my second message on the Father’s perfect love by clicking on the icon below. Or you can download it from our podcast or iTunes.


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