Two Memphis Bands to Check Out

Two of my good friends back in Memphis, TN, USA, are soon to release their new records.

The first is Jeremy Horn, now signed with Ardent Records. Jeremy is a singer-songwriter and worship leader. Jeremy has been playing in Memphis and around the ‘mid-south area’ since about 1995 (at age 16). In 2007, he released his first more ‘official’ album known as Atmosphere with heart-stirring songs like First Love, Embrace the Cross, Atmosphere and A Lion Has Roared. His second album was a live recording released just last year, and it is titled We Welcome You In. But in just a few short weeks, his third album entitled, Sound of the Broken, will be released through Ardent Records. You can already download the first single from the new record, Only God Who Saves. Get it at iTunes.

What most people don’t know is Jeremy and I went to high school together, graduating in the good year of 1997. We became extremely close friends near the end of that time, after God radically got a hold of both of our lives at the end of our time in high school. Even more, I was Jeremy’s bassist for a few months back in the first half of 2003. Goodness that seems forever ago. You can ask him about the Red Record, with that album having my bass ‘licks’ on a handful of the tracks. So I dearly care for Jeremy and am blessed to see his music now reaching nationally. One day we might get him over here to western Europe.

Below is a live video of his song Atmosphere.

The second friend is Corey Sanders, or better known as Cayerio. What kind of music is Cayerio? It is hip-hop rock. I’ve been to their shows and they are fun, intense and unique. Think something like Lecrae. His new single, I Get Down, was just released in February and you can check it out on iTunes.

Below is a video of the song Messed Up to give you a taster of their sound.

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