Serving the Community

As I shared a couple of weeks back, we recently had a team visit us from Trinity School of Theology, a ministry training college based out of Rugby, England, and part of the network of churches we work with in Global Horizons. They came as part of their training, but also to serve alongside us at Cornerstone in reaching out into our Belgian context.

The first day, Monday, we were involved in some work within the city of Brussels: 1) cleaning a local park and 2) spending time with our international refugee friends. With the guy refugees, we played football (soccer) in the park that we cleaned a few hours earlier. The ladies headed up a beauty day treatment for the females. The second day, we planned craft and fun activities for the refugees. While none of this seems revolutionary by human standards, it is quite amazing the doors that are opened through conversations and relationships with people living in a very foreign land as refugees. Salt was sprinkled, light was shone, and conversations of Christ were right in our midst.

The next two days, we spent time out in our local Flemish-speaking community. From picking up litter along the main street, to passing out leaflets for an Explore Faith course starting in later May, to serving in a local social services centre, all of this gave us an opportunity within our community. Again, to my knowledge, no one asked how they might be ‘saved’. But we were able to develop relationships that I believe are the beginnings of God working amongst a people that need to know the love of Christ.

My deep desire and prayer is that God continue to open doors into the lives of people in the Brussels, Belgium area, especially in our local Flemish-speaking area just south of Brussels. God has created these people and He deeply loves them. Now to see us engage in hearing God and living out His heart in this community.

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