Every once in a while, I like to post some links to some blogs I both frequent and appreciate. Some here are some:

1) Scot McKnight – In my mind, McKnight is probably one of the better scholarly theologians of the 21st century. He is most known for his book, The Jesus Creed, though he has written many more.

2) Near Emmaus – A blog by Brian LePort and company looking at almost anything biblical and theological. Great interaction in the comments as well.

3) New Leaven – Headed up by TC Robinson, his biblio-theological articles have a lot of commenters and involvement from others.

4) Andrew Perriman – Andrew is a both an author and blogger (so of longer and shorter works). His articles are always thought-provoking, challenging us outside the normative evangelical approach to Scripture and theology.

5) Nathaniel Claiborne – A newer blog I check out these days, but very solid from a ThM student at Dallas Theological Seminary.


4 thoughts on “Blogroll

    • I actually don’t have it any longer. It’s with a colleague of mine. I now use a Large print NIV11. I read too much at nights for a smaller print in the thinline Bible.

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