Drive Thru Church

I think this video is somewhat telling of much of our approach to church in the west.

One thought on “Drive Thru Church

  1. I think the reason I find this video so funny is that it shows just how we have moved from a home based hospitality model of church to a McDonalised model. It raises a very interesting issue about how consumerist our culture has become and how that has translated into the church.

    I struggle with the idea that worship is boring as surely worship is not for me – to entertain me – but for God – to praise him. Yet God has put within us a desire to enjoy him and so perhaps worship should be enjoyable. So if I am not enjoying the worship then there is something wrong. But should I blame others or should I be asking what can I do to engage more with God and engage others with God?

    In other words if my meal is not to my liking instead of complaining shouldn’t I get in the kitchen and help or even invite you over mine? In the fast food model the kitchen is off limits but in the hospitality model your contributions are very welcome.

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