Sunday Review – 19 December 2010

Hey, only 6 days until lovely Christmas day. But, for me, only 2 days until we head to the States and 4 days until my beloved mother’s 60th Birthday!

Here are some interesting articles I came across this week:

1. Those who frequent my blog will know I am more of an egalitarian, seeing men and women as equally made in the image of God, allowing women ‘leadership roles’ (you can read some of my articles here). Michael Patton, at Parchment & Pen, is re-posting some of his complementarian articles – article 1 and article 2.

2. Brian LePort has made us all aware that a biblical studies professor has been tweeting funny excerpts from the papers being graded (marked). What do you think? Take Brian’s poll by clicking on the link.

3. Andrew Perriman posts his reflections on a statement by Brian McLaren and being evangelical.

4. Peter Enns recently posted up an article (more of a 11-page paper in PDF format) on the evolution of the Pentateuch within Israelite history. The papers is entitled “When was Genesis Written and Why Does It Matter?”.

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