Google eBookstore

The world is becoming more technologically savvy by the day. From Apple to Microsoft to Google to Facebook to Amazon to Twitter to Blackberry to Samsung to Sony. It is truly amazing what we can do with technology today.

Well, just this week, Google launched their very own eBookstore, Google eBooks, which goes in competition with Amazon’s eBooks via Kindle. But whereas you need your Kindle or Kindle application for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or other smart phone device to read an Amazon ebook, you can read your Google eBook from anywhere – all those devices mentioned above, your laptop, your desktop, your friend’s computer, etc. All you need is a Gmail account. This is what makes Google eBooks quite interesting.

As one reporter notes:

Google e-books is offering access to more than 2 million free public domain digital titles and hundreds of thousands of for-pay e-books—the exact figure is hard to pinpoint—giving the service an inventory of e-book content equal or at least potentially equal to’s more than 700,000 e-book titles. In addition, Google eBooks is partnering with independent bookstores and consumers can buy e-books through local stores that have signed on to offer titles through Google eBooks.

Anyone with a gmail account—roughly about 200 million people—has immediate access to buying and downloading books through Google eBooks.

And, Google eBooks has also made available a free application for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android. So check it out. Unfortunately, for me living in Brussels, you cannot yet purchase Google eBooks. But I have already begun to download free texts they are offering such as Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

Below is also a short video to explain more.

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