Sunday Review – 5 December 2010

We are a few days into December now, with less than 3 weeks until Christmas. I hope you enjoy the snow falling on my blog.

Here are some interesting articles I found amongst the blogosphere this week.

1. T.C. Robinson shares an interesting quote from N.T. Wright on the role of postmodernism in today’s world.

2. Brian LePort posts his thoughts on Derridian Deconstruction. It sounds a lot like some of theological-philosophical thoughts of Peter Rollins in his book, How (Not) To Speak of God, which I am currently reading.

3. Andrew Perriman posted an article on the three basic hermeneutical options for describing how the ancient text of Scripture speaks to the modern (committed) reader. Charts included!

4. Here is a great blog post by Scot McKnight on how to comment on blogs.

5. At Peter Enns blog, you can download a recent panel discussion held at The University of Pennsylvania on The Challenge of Reading the Bible Today: Can the Bible be read both Critically and Religiously? Jewish, Catholic and Protestant Perspectives. The three speakers were Marc Brettler (Brandeis University) giving a Jewish perspective, Daniel J. Harrington (Boston College) giving a Catholic perspective and Peter Enns (BioLogos) giving a Protestant perspective.

6. Tim Challies shares of a new book release through Cruciform Press. It is entitled Servanthood As Worship. The description of the book states: Browse a Christian book website or bookstore and notice all there is for leaders and would-be leaders. There are studies of leaders, keys to leadership, and tips on becoming a leader. Books that promote servanthood tend to be about leadership. But how many books inspire us simply to serve one another?

7. Roger Olson ponders whether a person can be both Roman Catholic and Evangelical.

8. By the way, if you didn’t know, I have been doing a very in depth series on both the role of women (14 posts) and the gift of tongues (5 posts). I hope to finish both by the end of 2010, but we shall see. If you want to search for posts on these 2 topics, click on the categories drop-down menu on the right side bar of my blog and do a search for women and/or tongues.

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