Sunday Review – 28 November 2010

Here are some interesting articles to peruse in the blogging world, if you would like:

1. Charisma Magazine recently held an interview with Pentecostal scholar, Gordon Fee. You can see the summary of the interview at Brian Fulthorp’s blog. I think every Pentecostal and charismatic owes gratitude to the likes of Fee, who was the first Pentecostal to forge his way into the field of theological academia, gaining a doctorate in biblical studies in 1966. Brian LePort (and others) share their gratitude as well.

2. At Parchment & Pen, Lisa Robinson challenges a ‘theology of more’. I’ve interacted on the comments there, as well as Marv and I take lots of time in presenting a biblical, theological and historical case for the continuation of all spiritual gifts – To Be Continued.

3. T.C. Robinson shares a fantastic quote from N.T. Wright with regards to the bread and wine at the Lord’s table.

4. Andrew Perriman looks at how the global church (not just the western church) can bring their influence in seeing the church renewed. He also shares his thoughts on whether Romans is specifically pointed to the salvation of humanity or the salvation of Israel, all in line with his newest release, The Future of the People of God: Reading Romans Before and After Western Christendom.

5. Finally, if you are not aware, the NIV has released a new version. It is now online, but will be available in print in March 2011. Robert Slowley has taken the time to analyse all the of the variations between the original NIV of 1984, the TNIV and the new NIV.

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