Two Books in the Post on Evolutionary-Creation

I recently ordered two books from (it’s easier to receive from there than the .com version in the US). Those two book are:

1. I Love Jesus & I Accept Evolution by Denis Lamoureux

2. Theology After Darwin edited by R.J. Berry and Michael Northcott

I have ordered both books because of my recent interest in studying whether or not evolutionary-creation is a viable option for Christians (most add on the word creation to evolution because they want to maintain that all creation has a purposeful and personal Creator). Well, at this point, I actually am not bothered if God chose the evolutionary process to bring about His whole creation.

I’ve already begun dipping in to the subject via a lot of what the BioLogos Foundation provides on their site (articles, videos and essays). I think it is excellent stuff.

So, what I am interested in is studying more of the scientific research and theological implications, but mainly focusing in on the theological implications (as a pastor who loves studying theology). What I find is that many evangelicals continue to feel threatened by the possibility of evolution being the God-chosen path by which He brought about creation. They believe that if one accepts evolution, then this will negatively affect such doctrines as anthropology, hamartiology (sin), and especially Christology.

But I personally feel this is a bit too reactionary. I think we can maintain a healthy and robust biblical theology of humanity, sin and Christ even in the midst of a Christian theistic evolutionary view.

So I hope these two books will begin to help inform me more of both the scientific research and theological ramifications for an evolutionary-creation belief.

2 thoughts on “Two Books in the Post on Evolutionary-Creation

  1. I’m looking forward to your reactions and conclusions after reading these books. I have an added interest as I met Prof R J Berry several times many years ago.
    I am interested in answers that emerge in the creation-evolution realm that are able to be explained to non-Christians, new Christians and more expert theologians – so if you have some that would be great !!

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