Anyone for a Cup of Coffee?

Many people enjoy a cup of coffee, or one of it’s various relatives such as the latte, cappuccino, mocha or espresso. And, in most lands, you can even get your coffee served iced and chilled these days.

For me, as a resident of Brussels, Belgium, I enjoy the coffee of Europe. My wife likens regular coffee in Brussels to American cappuccinos in that Belgian coffee is quite robust and full. I do agree. And if your not careful, the coffee over here might just put a little extra hair on your chest. Careful women!

And nothing helps while reading and writing, at least for me, than a cup of coffee. Not for the caffeine, per se, but just that warm beverage to sip on while things are stirred in heart and mind. It could be a nice cup of English Breakfast tea, or Earl Grey, but it’s better with a piping hot cup of coffee.

With regards to works of fiction, the imagination, and other lands far, far away, a cup of coffee might just help us get there. Alagaesia or Narnia or the Shire are easier to envision as the warm steam from that darkened liquid wafts upward to nose and eyes.

The coffee bean stands as a creation of God, and he declared everything good in the beginning. (See, I told you I would put theology in here somewhere.) But just maybe, possibly, He put a little something extra into those beans to awaken and enliven the mind in all its creativeness, to enjoy while we envision our dances upon those streets of gold.

I wonder what John Ronald Reuel or Clive Staples would say about coffee? But, who knows, they might argue the glories of a pint and a pipe…And I wouldn’t stop them either.

To all theologians, I lift a cup!

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