Lausanne Conference in South Africa

Back in 1974, Billy Graham initiated what was known as Lausanne I: The International Conference of World Evangelization, being held in Lausanne, Switzerland. It drew some 2,300 evangelical leaders from 150 countries. Then, in 1989, Lausanne II was held in Manila, Philippines, with 4,300 attendees from 173 nations.

We now have Lausanne III upon us, kicking off this Saturday, 16 October, from Cape Town, South Africa, lasting until 25 October. There is an expectation of some 4,000 leaders from about 200 differing countries, with over 600 Global Links standing as remote sites for discussion of the surrounding issues of the conference. The six major topics are:

  • Truth
  • Reconciliation
  • World Faiths
  • New Missions Priorities
  • Authenticity & Integrity
  • Partnership

Some other resources are as follows:

I hope to catch some of the video podcasts throughout the 10 days.

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