Our Holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands

Recently, my wife, my son and I were incredibly blessed with the opportunity to holiday-vacation in Tenerife, Canary Islands (which is just off the northwest coast of Africa). We had an amazing time, as I suppose one would only expect. It was beautiful, it was warm (one day it got up to 41 degrees Celsius, 106 Fahrenheit), it was relaxing. Not much else you could ask for.

We stayed at a beautiful resort centre – Santa Barbara – on the south coast of the Tenerife Island. Here is a picture overlooking the resort from our balcony.

We mainly spent time at the pool of the hotel, as the beach we were closest to was more of a rocky beach than sandy. But no complaints here. Here are some shots from the pool.

Though we spent most of our outdoors time at the pool, we went a couple of days to the beach – one time at the rocky beach near the resort centre and another day on a sandy beach in the north of the island (we rented a car that day and drove around the island). Here are a couple of pics of our son, Caleb, enjoying the beach.

On the day we rented the car, we drove up to El Teide, which is basically the volcano at the centre point of the island. The first pic is from our drive up the mountain, the second pic is from our drive back down.

So, there we are. A brief description and a few pics from our amazing time in Tenerife! Truly a provision of God for some time to rest and relax, and soak up some rays.

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