Going on Holiday to Canary Islands

I must be honest. I am quite excited about heading out on holiday on Thursday. A week away in any place would be nice. But a week away on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands will be fantastic! And even more fantastic that this is my wife and I’s first more proper holiday alone since our honeymoon, not to mention our first official holiday with our son.

The Canary Islands are set just off the northwest coast of Africa, but they are actually part of Spain. The island of Tenerife is the largest of seven islands and it has a volcano right in the middle of it. You can see pictures below.

I’m sure there are many things to do on the island – visiting the beach, driving to the top of the volcano, going fishing, shopping, restaurants, etc. But I would not be disappointed in the least if we simply sat around the pool most days, soaking up some sun rays, reading a good book or two, going for a swim, and sipping on some nice drinks like a Mojito. Wouldn’t be upset in the slighest.

I have set for two articles to be posted during the time I am away. They can be considered ‘Prodigal Thought classic re-posts’, meaning they are articles I have posted before but ones I consider worthy of a re-post. They will be central to my heart.

Enjoy. I know I will while I am away.

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