McKnight Interview With McLaren

Most recognise Brian McLaren as a controversial figure. McLaren is one of the leading proponents of the emerging-emergent movement. I recently read his two most popular books and posted my own book reviews – A Generous Orthodoxy (book review here) and A New Kind of Christianity (book review part 1 and part 2).

I thought many would enjoy listening to and watching part of a Q & A session between Scot McKnight and Brian McLaren. In the interview, McKnight asks three pertinent questions of McLaren that many might have. The three questions basically revolve around these three issues:

  1. Why is McLaren somewhat ambiguous with his views?
  2. Does A New Kind of Christianity detract from McLaren’s affirmations in A Generous Orthodoxy?
  3. Is McLaren a universalist?

You can see the video session below:

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