VMI Brussels 2010 – First Evening Session

I just posted up a humorous video today, also noting that I have been quite involved with two training conferences here at Cornerstone. This week, we are hosting VMI Brussels 2010. Next week we are hosting Fast Forward Brussels 2010.

Last night we had our first evening session of VMI Brussels. I particularly spoke from 1 Samuel 16:11-23, which describes 1) the anointing of David by the Spirit, 2) the departing of the Spirit from Saul and God sending a tormenting spirit upon him, and 3) David being called to serve Saul, one way in particular being his skillful playing of the lyre which would free Saul from the tormenting evil spirit.

An interesting passage from a theological perspective, but I decided to lay down addressing all the theological questions that could arise from the passage and look at 3 more practical aspects from this account of David.

I’m really stirred in my own study of this passage with regards to David and who he is. It’s so easy to think we already know this guy. He is one of the most central figures in Scripture. But I have been stirred to re-look at the biblical account of David. God can impart so much to us from looking at his life afresh – as a king, as a worship leader, as a musician, as a shepherd, as a songwriter (psalmist), his passion, his heart, his emotion, and so much more.

From this passage in particular, the 3 points I highlighted were: 1) Skill, 2) Anointing and 3) Impact.

You can listen to it by clicking on the icon below or you can download it from our podcast site or iTunes.

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