Funniest Church Sign of All Time

So, many of you will know of all the funny church signs out there. I’ve heard of plenty, seen plenty, and I am aware that there is even a book dedicated to these church signs. Oh goodness. Only in America…

Anyways, I think this sign below is probably the funniest one of all time. I do apologise if it offends anyone. But I can only imagine it will make 99% of us laugh. Not just chuckle, but laugh out loud.

Just as a primer, this was the actual sign of a church in Memphis, my hometown in the US. It was put up one year in preparation for Palm Sunday. Hopefully that explains the sign a little more.

For those that are too offended by it, the one below is a little cleaner.


3 thoughts on “Funniest Church Sign of All Time

  1. Hahaha! That is awesome =D

    Online you can actually find a “funny church sign maker,” where you can make your own. Not nearly as fun as the real thing, but I think some of the photos out there are actually made with it, hehe.

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