Some Blogs I Visit

In the past, I have shared of a few blogs that I frequently read and enjoy. But I thought I might list another few blogs I visit on a regular basis, even some newer ones that I have recently come upon in the past month or so.

1. To Be Continued: Well, isn’t it ok to put in a plug for your own blog. A colleague of mine, Marvin Cotten, and myself started this blog a few months back. We felt it was something missing in the blogosphere. The purpose of the blog is to put forth a solid biblical, theological and historical case for the continuation of all spiritual gifts.

2. New Leaven: A blog by T.C. Robinson who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and a Master’s degree with an emphasis in New Testament Greek. He is also part of a new church plant in California. I like his openness to non-traditional theology in some of the more non-essential areas. Robinson also holds to the continuation of all gifts of the Spirit, a plus for me.

3. Near Emmaus: A conglomerate blog by three different people. They, too, are open to non-traditional theology in some of the non-essential areas. And they also hold to continuationism.

4. Reformed and Reforming: By Jesse Wisnewski, who is finishing up his MDiv at Gordon-Conwell Seminary. He holds to reformed theology and also to the continuation of all spiritual gifts.

5. The Ominous Comma: By an old friend of mine in Memphis. He shares witty thoughts and parodies about life, and also thought-provoking concepts about Jesus and the church.

6. The Bible Archive: A blog by an old blogging friend, Rey Reynoso. He and I don’t agree on just about every issue, but his passion, deep study, realness and faithfulness to God always stir me.


9 thoughts on “Some Blogs I Visit

  1. Rey –

    I will check those two out, but I feel like I have enough reformed people I am reading with guys like Challies, Taylor, DeYoung, Piper, Patton. I actually desire others to look at now. Notice how my first post on blogs I visit referred to the reformed, but this new post had nothing to do with reformed outside of #4. 🙂

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