Jesus the Apostle Video

In the past, I have written plenty of articles here at The Prodigal Thought defending the present-day ministry of apostle and considering what an apostle would look like in the world today. I have always looked to centre this theological belief in Jesus Himself. Why? Jesus was the greatest apostle to ever walk the earth, the great sent one from the Father. And, not only that, but Jesus sent the Spirit to continue His apostolic work and empower the whole body of Christ to be apostolic. Thus, according to Ephesians 4:11-16, one of the greatest gifts given by Jesus to help the church become apostolic is the ministry gift of apostle.

That’s a brief summary, and you could read more of my thoughts by doing a search for ‘apostles’ on my blog. But more than that, I provide an hour’s teaching video below entitled Jesus, the Apostle. A close friend and ministry partner of mine, Alan Scotland, specifically looks at what it means to be an apostle and does this by considering specific aspects of Jesus’ life. Christ is the great apostle, so it’s best to look at His life and apostolic ministry. I hope the video stirs you.

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