Articles Interacting with Michael Patton on Continuationism & Cessationism

A few weeks back, I mentioned that, over at our tag-team blog, To Be Continued, Marv and I have been working through a series in which we are interacting with Michael Patton’s own series at his blog entitled, Why I am Not Charismatic. You can even download his articles in a 22-page PDF document. Maybe Marv and I can provide the same when we finish.

We are currently looking to post at least one article per week. Thus far, we have posted up three specific articles. I will be posting part 4 this coming week. If you are interested in the three articles, the links are below:

  1. Article 1 – by Marv
  2. Article 2 – by me
  3. Article 3 – by Marv

We would love your interaction over at To Be Continued.


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