The World Cup Begins

Ladies and gentlemen, the World Cup officially starts tomorrow – Friday, 11 June 2010. The kick-off match is between the host country of South Africa and Mexico.

Living in Europe, football (or soccer) is of great importance. And I like that. But, unfortunately, living in Belgium, it is not as important as say in Germany, the Netherlands or Spain, since Belgium has not had a good team in a while. But maybe that is a plus so that we can still enjoy the World Cup but it not become the overwhelming experience that it could be. Of course, visiting England for a few days in mid-June, the climate could easily change.

The teams I will cheer for are in this order:

  1. America (Of course, my home country.)
  2. England (Of course, my wife’s home country. And I lived in the UK for 3 years, so I began to like them during that time.)
  3. Spain (I like Rafael Nadal. He is a tennis player, but that makes me cheer for his football team.)
  4. Netherlands (The closest country to Belgium. Well, don’t tell the French-speaking Belgians that.)
  5. Brazil (I have some close Brazilian friends in Belgium. So I will pull for them.)

Who are the teams that I believe have the best chance of winning it?

  1. Brazil
  2. Spain
  3. Argentina
  4. Germany
  5. Italy

Who are my favourite players?

  1. Frank Lampard (He didn’t have such a hot World Cup in 2006 for England. I hope for better.)
  2. Landon Donovan (Gotta pull for the American.)
  3. Lionel Messi (He is so smooth and a great man up front for Argentina.)
  4. Kaká (The soft-footed, intelligent Brazilian. He is supposedly a believer as well.)
  5. Fernando Torres (Like Messi, a talented wonder-boy up front for Spain.)

Who are my least favourite players?

  1. Christiano Ronaldo (I mean, doesn’t it go without saying? How could anyone like this guy? I want Portugal to lose every match because he is on their team.)
  2. I really cannot think of another player in league with Ronaldo. Maybe some mean Italian player that I don’t know there name.

We shall see how it all plays out over these next few weeks. I know I will enjoy the time. It all starts for me on Saturday with a barbeque with my Brazilian friends – picanha steak, sausage and chicken hearts on the grill!

Just for a chuckle, I post this nice little SportsCenter commercial/advert. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “The World Cup Begins

  1. I’ll be surprised if Germany do well. They’ve lost some of their best players to injury and haven’t performed well recently. They are always a threat in these competitions, but I’ll be surprised if they get past the second round.

    Why are England not in your list of likely good performers? I know they are quite well fancied in some quarters, largely because it may not be until the quarter finals that they face a really threatening team. Plus, we have the best manager we’ve had since the late 90s. There is a lot of confidence in Capello over here right now. England’s ultimate performance will depend a lot on Rooney, though, and if he plays as well as he has all season. If he does, I think we have a good chance.

    Argentina are a funny one. They have an excellent squad, but having Maradona as the manager makes them very, very unstable. They will either do very well, or they’ll flop I reckon.

    I agree that Brazil and Spain are the favourites.

  2. I didn’t realise Germany had lost some top players. I would pick England because, on paper, they look good (as usual). But they never seem to do what is expected of them. But this might be the year. I would love to see them get to the semis, and even win it all.

    Any thoughts on the advert? Too cheesy for your taste? 😉

  3. Shouldn’t you vote for Japan Chach? Oh hang on something is happening to me ..ol ol what is it i can’t sto…

    ole ole ole ole England England,
    ole ole ole ole England England….

    Come you Spurs… I mean England… well they’re nearly the same i guess!!!!

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