Two Summer Conferences in Brussels

This summer, Cornerstone International Church will be hosting two conferences:

  1. VMI Brussels 2010
  2. Fast Forward Brussels 2010

First off, Cornerstone will be hosting VMI (which is short for Visible Music Instructive). VMI exists to train musicians and worship leaders to serve within today’s church and the world. VMI will be specifically headed up by a team of gifted musicians and worship leaders from Visible School Music and Worship Arts College, which is based out of Memphis, TN, in America. In particular, this training time will provide hands-on, practical musical instruction on your instrument or voice, plus music theory, music band-ensemble training, and biblical-spiritual input. Musical emphases include vocal, percussion, bass, guitar and keyboard. Plus workshops will be offered in both worship leading and songwriting to help participants grow in these important areas as well.

VMI will take place Wednesday evening, 28 July, to Saturday evening, 31 July. The specific theme for this summer is God of This City. Click on the audio icon here to listen to the song by Chris Tomlin.

Secondly, Cornerstone will host Fast Forward. In brief, this is a time of equipping God’s people in ministry and leadership that they might serve Him in this generation. Many of us might enjoy the opportunity to take out a few years from our life to study and train in the Word, ministry and leadership. But, for most, that is not possible. Thus, we want to provide training opportunities for God’s people but in a compact time. We have the hope that this will serve God’s people in the 21st century.

Fast Forward will take place on Sunday evening, 1 August to Tuesday evening, 3 August. We will have a team of leaders from Lifelink International leading each of the seminars and speaking sessions. Our theme for 2010 is ‘According to the Pattern’. Jesus told us He would build His church (Matthew 16:18), but sometimes the church, the body of Christ, gets off track and builds according to a pattern that Jesus never had in mind. When it all comes down to it, we are called to build according to the pattern of what God is building Himself. We want the church to become what Jesus meant when He meant church.

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