Words of Praise Series

This past Sunday, we finished a four-part series at Cornerstone entitled Words of Praise. In this series, we specifically looked at nine different words in the old Hebrew language that have to do with praise. No doubt a wide range from the praise and worship perspective of the Hebrew people.

The nine words we looked at were:

  • Hâlal – the most frequently used word for praise
  • Zâmar – the word connected with songs accompanied by musical instruments
  • Shâbach – the word that focuses on loud praise
  • Tehillâh – the word connected with spontaneous songs
  • Giyl – the word usually translated as rejoice or be glad
  • Yâdâh – the main word connected with lifting our hands and acknowledging who God is
  • Tôdâh – a similar word to yâdâh, but also with a view of giving thanks
  • Bârak – the main word connected to bowing
  • Hâsâh – a major word speaking of silence before the Lord

The four messages can be listened to or downloaded from our podcast, or you can download from iTunes. I put the links to each message below:


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