Interaction With Michael Patton’s “Why I’m Not Charismatic” Series

As I posted recently, Michael Patton re-posted his full series entitled, Why I Am Not Charismatic. You can view the complete series on his blog or you can download the e-book by clicking here. Just as a side note: Patton is not anti-charismatic, as you will clearly see in his series. But he would label himself as a de facto cessationist.

I had mentioned that, over at our co-authored blog, To Be Continued, Marv and I might look to interact with the series. And Marv has just commenced the interaction this week. You can view the first article here.

I won’t take the time to update everything on a regular basis here at The Prodigal Thought. But I will probably post a final article a reminder once the eight-part series is complete.


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