Words of Praise Series

Currently at Cornerstone, we are in the midst of a larger series on the topic of worship. What a broad topic. We have only had six sermons thus far and will probably go through the end of June on this series (since July begins the summer time in Europe).

A few weeks back, we considered The Songbook of Scripture, particularly looking at 1) the different types of Psalms and 2) some important points we can gleam from the Psalms in regards to our corporate worship. You can listen to that message by clicking here.

After a three-week break, having a couple of visiting guests from England to share with us and having a mission’s focused Sunday, we are now back onto the topic of worship. This past Sunday marked the beginning of a three-part sub-series on words of praise as particularly expressed by the ancient Hebrews in the Old Testament.

Whereas we might have a few words in our English translations to describe the act of praise – praise, bless, exult – the Hebrew people had a highly developed language in communicating their praise to God. They particularly used seven main words to describe such praise to God.

You can listen to or download the first message from our podcast, or you can sign up via iTunes as well. And I will put up reminders over the next couple of weeks of the messages as they become available online.

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